Grand Rapids City High: Humanities/English 10

Grand Rapids City High opened its doors in the early 1970's as an alternative form of education for the talented and gifted students in the greater Grand Rapids Area. "City High-Middle School is a theme school for academically talented and highly motivated students offering a rigorous interdisciplinary, college preparatory humanities, science, and technology curriculum created under the auspice of the Center of Economicology. Teachers and parents are actively involved and focused on providing innovative education marked by a distinctive style that emphasizes experiential learning" ( 

City High has a 99% graduation rate, with that same 99% of students entering world renowned universities across the globe. Although they are considered a public school, City High requires students to go through an application process to be admitted. Similarly, they are in the process of becoming a International Baccalaureate School. Through their interdisciplinary curriculum, "wonder, creativity, cooperation, collaboration, and compassion while promoting and maintaining high academic and social expectations" are fostered. 

Holding grades 9-12, City High has a population of only about 600 students. Students are extremely involved in fine arts classes and the forensics team is highly ranked. City High does not have any sports teams of its own, but students may play for surrounding schools if they wish. Also, the school is made up of a range of demographics, with approximately 70% Caucasian, 11% African American, 6% Hispanic, 6% Multi-Racial, and 7% Other ( 

Finally, City High maintains a high standard for students and their relationship within the community. Therefore, all students are required to fulfill some form of community service throughout the year.