Final Assessment

Now that we have spent the last two weeks reading and studying texts surrounding the Holocaust, the next two weeks will be devoted to exploring modern day forms of genocide across the globe. By encouraging you to critically question the world around you, we ask that you take a stand to bring social awareness to the atrocities of genocide today. 

With this in mind, you will conduct research and gather evidence to create multi-media and multi-modal artifacts that illustrate your understanding of the genocide that you have chosen to learn more about. These artifacts must also bring awareness to your peers, community, etc. of this area of genocide. Please be aware that at least one artifact must utilize some form of technology or media. 

Choose one from each category:

Visual: This category is meant to bring out the creative side of you in some way, as well as demonstrate the power of visual artifacts on society. 

*Print Advertisement
*Children's book

Written: This category is meant as a way to put to into words the information that you have found intriguing, enlightening, and integral to your research.

*Letter to editor, Congress, community officials, etc.
*News Article
*Awareness Website
*Community Forum
*Traditional Research Paper

Reflection: The reflection must be done in written form and include connections you have made between your research, class content, and Elie Wiesel's memoir, an explanation for each artifact that you have created, and a reflection on the process of research and social awareness as a whole.

Presentation: Everyone is required to present their artifacts to the class.