Formative Assessments

Dialogue Journals
-Students will keep these throughout their reading of the memoir

Point of View Lesson
-Students will learn about the Holocaust and other instances of genocide through the point of view of individuals other than victims.

Picture Activity
-Students will look at pictures from the Holocaust and other instances of genocide and talk about the power of images. 

Oprah Interviews Wiesel
-Students will watch a video where Elie Wiesel takes Oprah back to Auschwitz.

Wiesel Podcast
-Students will listen to a podcast where Wiesel talks about the importance of remembering the Holocaust.

Propaganda Lesson
-Students will look at forms of propaganda used during the Holocaust and talk about this in relation to the ads/etc. that they are creating for the final assessment. 

Wiesel on NPR
-Students will listen to an NPR: This I Believe by Wiesel.

Who is Responsible? Lesson
-Students will create a pie chart to illustrate what percentage different individuals are responsible for the Holocaust.